Thursday, July 3, 2014

Meet the New Xbox One Emulator for PC!

We're excited to announce you the new Xbox One and Xbox 360 Emulator for PC, Mac, Android & iOS - BolXEmu! Happily new for most of computer players is just right here! Now you have a chance to run and play all your favorite games from Xbox One console on your desktop PCs, laptops and whatever you want! And that's not even all! With Xbox One Emux you're also able to play all Xbox 360 games as well! So actually this app is 2 in 1, you can freely say it's powerful gaming machine which can make you fun all this summer and continuing as long as some new Xbox One Game get released, so get it and enjoy!

Xbox One Emulator

As you can notice in the screenshot options, everything is there to easily get used how to operate with it. It's designed to firstly be user friendly for gamers, all age so if you even accidentally stuck with something, you can always go to Help option and reach the user manual where you can find all of information to easily get you to the right path.
Xbox One Emux or newly renamed to BolXEmu, is very rich of options and features, so let's review some of most awesome of them!

- 100% Friendly user-interface
- High average FPS (frame rate) with vSync technology
- No need to separately download BIOS
- Set screen resolution by your choice
- All newer nVidia/ATI Radeon GPU's supported
- Automatic synchronizing with your system's configuration

Xbox One Emux is supported for Windows, Mac, Linux operating systems as desktop and smartphone OS': Android Apk & iOS, so whatever of these you have installed you can freely use this software on every of them with hundred percent stability rate!
For those who need help with downloading and using this one, here goes instructions so make sure to follow them and you can't go wrong!

1.Download BolXEmu
2. Extract it from .zip archive using your extraction software, like WinZip, 7Zip, WinRar or other.
3. Run it and confirm the BIOS file. You don't have to separately download BIOS as it's already integrated inside folder. This is big special option of Xbox One Emux which makes it different from other emulators where you need to download BIOS file separately if you want to use it.
4. Finally choose your desired game and start to play! (You can find games on torrent or warez sites, Google search for same.)

That would be it guys. Get our Xbox One & 360 emulator now and enjoy awesome playing!

All Best,